Welcome to Christian Demant’s Website.

Software is a continuously growing integral part of industry and economy. To be able to set the right course for “digital transformation”, it is essential to determine your position. As an experienced entrepreneur in the field of professional software development, I support executive managers, owners and investors with analyzing and assessing software and software development.

My services

Software Due Diligence

As an expert consultant, I analyze and assess software and the underlying software development process.

Software Engineering

I assist companies in the introduction of efficient development processes in the context of professional software engineering.

Coaching of (Software) Startups

I support startup teams in all aspects before and during the set-up of the company and during the critical initial period.


My knowledge from more than 25 years working in the industry is made available to a broad audience through regular publications. The two most important publications are:

Erfolgreich ein Software-Startup gruenden
Tipps und Erfahrungen eines Tech-Unternehmers
2020, 535 pages, 36 images, in German

Software Due Diligence
Softwareentwicklung als Asset bewertet
2017, 308 pages, 24 images, in German