Erfolgreich ein Software-Startup gruenden

Erfolgreich ein Software-Startup gruenden
Tipps und Erfahrungen eines versierten Unternehmers

Oktober 2014, 304 pages, 2 images
Springer Vieweg Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN 978-3-642-54097-4

Target audience:

The book is aimed at students of STEM subjects and employees within the IT industry considering to start a technology oriented company. It is also useful for founders who have already registered their company who will find a multitude of practical advice to build and manage a (software) company.



Introduction, Entrepreneurship as a chance, Typical beginner’s mistakes.

Part I: Hints and advice to start and build a company. Written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Also recommended if you’re not into software. 209 pages.

Part II: Hints and advice for starting a software company to produce professional software. 77 pages.

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