Software Development

Software Development

Already as a teenager I worked on developing software. My pastime turned into my job and later into the foundation of — by now — three startups.

For almost twenty years I have been responsible as an executive manager both for a team of highly qualified software developers and challenging industrial applications with a volume of several million lines of code.

Although the emphasis of my work is on analyzing and valuing software companies, I am willing to develop software. A prerequisite is that it is a technological demanding project where I can contribute my long-standing programming experience in a meaningful way.

My services for you:

  • I’ll implement various kinds of software for you according to your specifications.
  • I’ll implement software prototypes for you and test the feasibility of your ideas by using technical “spikes”.
  • I’ll conduct for you feasibility studies, load and performance tests.
  • I’ll evaluate for you new IT concepts, (development) tools and software components and support you in selecting for your specific requirements.