Coaching for Software Engineering and Architecture

Insight, overview and a professional administration are the prerequisites for successful software projects. Otherwise, all participants are quickly faced with chaos and discontent. Especially in an industrial environment with high demands on robustness, performance and efficiency, software needs to be designed impeccably and professionally from the beginning.

Programming along the lines of “at least it’s working” just isn’t good enough anymore, because if the base is not solid, the entire structure is not stable, entailing high maintenance cost, and low sustainability. A well thought-out software architecture helps to limit a software’s complexity.

My services for you:

  • I conduct architecture and code reviews thus identifying possible weaknesses in your code and unfavorably constructed system architectures.
  • I support development teams during critical project phases when debugging.
  • Many seemingly well-functioning development teams can’t see the wood for the trees; something that can only be overcome by input from outside. I conduct a revision of your development processes and help you to improve your team structure and communication, and to further integrate necessary organizational changes.
  • You have a software that is showing its age, that should be brought up-to-date from a technologyical point of view? I’ll assist you in planning and integrating migration projects.
  • In many cases, for user interfaces, technically oriented applications only offer one-to-one representation of the complex data structure in the background. I’ll support you in designing and developing a logical, mature and consistent user interface.