Coaching of Startups

More than twenty years of entrepreneurial practice both in Germany and the UK have allowed me to make a multitude of exciting experiences. Having successfully weathered the difficult startup phase of my first enterprise after five to six years, I increasingly enjoyed talking of my experience to people curious about this time.

It followed that I became the preferred consultant for questions concerning self-employment and the foundation of an enterprise. The discussions revolved around various technical and IT industries.

In one of these consultations the idea was born to write down the entire experience as a guidebook. Thus, in 2008 I began to periodically note down key words and ideas, without sticking to form in a simple unformatted text file. This turned into the book “Erfolgreich ein Software-Startup gruenden” (“How to successfully found a Software Startup”, in German) that was published in October 2014.

Since the publication of this book I have been asked by many readers to act as a coach.

My services for startups:

  • I place my years of entrepreneurial experience at your disposal, providing recommendations and hints that will save you money and keep you from falling into common pitfalls.
  • I answer typical startup questions concerning organization and enterprise.
  • I support startups in working and communicating with others, e.g., lawyers, banks, agencies, investors and auditors.
  • Software startups will, of course, get recommendations for software development.
  • Conceivably: I may become a Business Angel for committed startups with a sound business idea. Given, of course, that there is good chemistry between all involved…

Note: For a productive consultation reading my book in its entirety in advance is recommended.